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November 5, 1999  - December 4, 1999


Barry Le Va   Keith Sonnier   Mel Bochner   Richard Tuttle  

  Drawings from the 60s & 70s, part II
Mel Bochner, Walter DeMaria, Barry LeVa,

Keith Sonnier, and Richard Tuttle

November 5 to December 4, 1999

September 20, 1999, New York--The Curt Marcus Gallery is pleased to announce an upcoming exhibition of drawings from the 1960s by Mel Bochner, Walter de Maria, Barry LeVa, Keith Sonnier and Richard Tuttle.

Some of the artists in this exhibition are painters, some make three-dimensional works, some are not easily classified. All find use for drawings–finished drawings, diagrammatic drawings, working drawings. They are not to be taken as exclusive or restrictive categories; most artists make drawings that fit into more than one group.

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