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April 30, 1999  - May 29, 1999


Agnes Martin
  Eva Hesse
  Jo Baer
untitled (triptych)
  Lee Bontecou

  Drawings from the 60s & 70s
Jo Baer, Lee Bontecou, Eva Hesse and Agnes Martin

April 30 to May 29, 1999


MARCH 26, 1999, New York--The Curt Marcus Gallery is pleased to announce an upcoming exhibition of drawings from the 1960s by Jo Baer, Lee Bontecou, Eva Hesse and Agnes Martin.


This exhibition is a selection of works from the sixties by an important group of women artists who brought new energy to current trends and ideas. The drawings on view run from flat, planar and linear abstraction (Baer, Martin) to the melding of alternately hard-edged and biomorphic shapes (Bontecou, Hesse). Among the works shown will be Agnes Martin’s subtly rhythmic abstractions, Lee Bontecou’s three-dimensional renderings of geometric figures and machine-like parts, arrangements of hard-edged and curvilinear forms in bright colors by Eva Hesse, and pure minimal gouaches by Jo Baer.


This exhibition was organized in collaboration with Joyce Nereaux.

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